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二人のサーファーが、永いトリップの末に辿り着いた「ウルワツ」にて撮影したサーフムービーは、それまで無人でブレイクしていたインドネシアの波を、世界中のサーファーが憧れるサーフポイントへと変えた ー。




El mar
Las olas
Yo y
El sol


In 1975, back in Uluwatu, a region on the south-western tip of Bali.
There were two surfers who shot a surf movie at the waves off Indonesia.
Which was said to be “pristine — a paradise untouched by Society”, and it was unmanned and breaking until longing surfers all over the world has changed it into a surfing point.

City and Nature, Every day and Extra ordinary days.
For everyone who continues their journey in search of wonderful waves.
An open and relaxing moment for modern Tokyo.